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211: Interview with Amy Franko

Rachel interviews Amy Franko, a sales strategist focused on growing sales results. Listen in as Amy reveals her success with outsourcing.


208: The Pros and Cons of Working with Overseas Virtual Assistants with Helen Ryan

Overseas Virtual Assistant On this episode of Checking off Your List with Rachel Luther, with the help of Helen Ryan, Entrepreneur, Creative Pro Helen Ryan, Rachel broaches a subject that hasn’t been talked about much on the podcast: working with overseas virtual assistants. The episode begins with Rachel introducing her guest, Helen, who began outsourcing in 2008, making her one of the OGs of the business. Today, Helen runs a digital marketing agency, has a walking podcast as well as a blog for health and fitness. She tells Rachel that she currently uses virtual assistants for research and social media. …


207: Empowering Yourself as an Entrepreneur with Mindi Huebner

Empowering Yourself as an Entrepreneur In this episode Rachel talks with mindset master Mindy Hebner about creating a team. Mindy is an entrepreneur who’s been sharing her expertise with other business owners for over 25 years. As a mindset master, these days Mindy’s been mostly helping female entrepreneurs let go of the beliefs and self-doubt preventing them from maximizing their potential and creating the idea of “empowering yourself”.  Mindy tells Rachel that habitual thoughts such as feeling overwhelmed can become beliefs and ultimately an identity, what she calls a “badge of honor.” She says, however, that business owners have control …

Rachel Luther Podcast - ft - Arijana Ilibasic

206: Finding Your Dream Team with Arijana Ilibasic 

Finding your dream contributors   In this episode, Rachel speaks with Arijana Ilibasic, a former VA with a background in HR who now helps business owners. The discussion begins with the subject of HR and why so many entrepreneurs seem to have an aversion to the notion of HR. Arijana suggests it’s because for many business owners HR is a reminder of past experiences in the corporate world. The conversation then shifts to the topic of finding your dream contributors, specifically the importance of a creating an employee avatar and using personality assessments to find the type of team member …

Rachel Luther Podcast-ft-Achea Redd

205: Achea Redd On Mental Health And Self-Care For Entrepreneurs

Metal Health with Achea Redd This week Rachel interviews entrepreneur, author, coach, and speaker Achea Redd on the topics of book-writing, business, and mental health for entrepreneurs. Achea’s book, The Precipice of Mental Health, just hit the shelves, and the author talks with Rachel about her experiences writing it.   Achea learned it’s imperative that your heart is in it when writing a book and that for her the ultimate goal was to “put her story into the world.” From there, Achea and Rachel delve into some of the challenges of book-writing and discuss the value of an editor who can be trusted to provide …

transforming your business with outsourcing

204: Transforming Your Business with Outsourcing with Bev Feldman

Transforming Your Business with Outsourcing with Bev Feldman This episode Rachel hosts Bev Feldman, whom she calls a “personal tech fairy.” Bev is a ConvertKit expert. The main focus is Bev’s career change and how it’s transformed her personal and career lives.  To kick things off, Bev tells Rachel about the challenges she faced running a product-based business making and selling jewelry and being a new mother at the same time. She was able to harness her creativity and love for interacting with people into starting a blog on Eco-friendly living. As Bev tells it, the blog was successful and …