212: Ricky Chilcott of Mission Met

Ricky Chilcott

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Episode Summary

Rachel interviews Ricky Chilcott, a co-founder of Mission Met. Listen in as Ricky reveals his success with outsourcing.

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Ricky Chilcott is a jack of all trades and a master of some. As a co-founder of Mission Met, he wears mean hats — marketing, software development, technology and business strategy, operational efficiency, planning, and project management. He started his career in higher education, supporting a growing college that was expanding technical and operational support. He honed his software development skills during nights and weekends and developed a passion for helping others through technology development and implementation. He has a heart for serving nonprofits and their leaders and wants to make the world a little better place every day. Ricky lives with his wife and son in Southeast Ohio. He plays soccer, ultimate frisbee, bikes, and likes to camp.

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