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Assessment Generator

Introducing our client of the month, CEO and co-owner of Assessment Generator, Jennifer Sparks. Jennifer prides herself on building a business that serves and honors people with a wide range of experiences, challenges, and gifts to share with the world. She and the team at Assessment Generator are on a mission to help experts and change-makers broaden their impact and share their expertise at scale. By providing respondents with detailed and customized insights, assessments provide tangible value to both the assessment author and the respondent.

About Assessment Generator

If you ask Jennifer or her team at Assessment Generator what it is they do, the simple answer is provide their clients an opportunity to create easy to construct, beautiful assessments. These assessments provide instant feedback and personalized content to better understand the respondents’ needs and offer appropriate follow-up services. This is done in a reliable and creative environment with a dedication to their clients unlike any other.

All of this is made possible by the people behind Assessment Generator, who take pride in their outstanding client support and easy-to-use software to automate their clients’ brilliance worldwide, from Australia to India, and all the way to South Africa.

Assessment Generator works tirelessly to help anyone in need create the perfect assessment for their business, ensuring that the result is as unique as the client.

Assessment Generator has perfected the art of automated assessments that amplify impact, credibility, and reach allowing you to focus on what matters.


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  • Bookkeeping

The experts at COYL are an essential and integral part of our Assessment Generator team. They are true professionals in their areas of expertise as well as being efficient and dependable. With their help, we have taken our operations to the next level while doubling the number of clients that we serve. We highly recommend their services to other business owners!
Jennifer Sparks