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Brick – Digital Habits Coach

Introducing our client of the month, founder of Brick and the world’s very first digital habits coach, Tommy Sobel. Tommy has dedicated his life to helping others unplug and create meaningful, real-world, connections.

About Brick

Tommy Sobel is the world’s premiere digital habits coach, having helped thousands of busy business leaders and top performers reclaim tens of thousands of hours of productive time. 

Using his background in neuroscience and behavior reconditioning, Tommy trains business leaders to improve their relationship with screens through coaching, proven systems, and community, so they can reclaim 20-40 productive hours each week, live life in flow state and have more time off.

Prior to being the world’s first digital habits coach, Tommy had a career at DreamWorks Studios, where he assisted Steven Spielberg and became the first junior executive in their burgeoning digital department. Before the entertainment industry, Tommy worked as the key researcher and co-author of neuroscience studies alongside PhDs at Duke University and UCLA.

Tommy founded Brick in 2019 with the hopes of helping people just like himself put down their phones and truly experience the world around him. Tommy created a one-of-a-kind program called The Phone Smart™ Method, a three-step technique that has proven to help busy people supercharge their productivity, reduce their Screen Time and feel freedom from their phone.

Through Brick, Tommy is changing the digital landscape as we know it, one smartphone at a time.

The team at Check Off Your List supports Brick with a multitude of tasks including:

  • Convert emails to blog posts
  • Social Media account management
  • Community management
  • General administrative tasks
Virtual Marketing Client Tommy Sobel
Tommy Sobol
I have saved hundreds of hours of productive time by taking the leap into the virtual assistant realm. My wonderful assistant at Check Off Your List has proven time and time again that I don't need to do it all myself!
Tommy Sobel