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SVN Wilson

The Wilson Commercial Group is a commercial real estate company that offers its advisory services to a myriad of businesses ranging from large corporations to entrepreneurial investors. With the support of the nationwide umbrella company, SVN, Wilson Commercial Group utilizes the vast network of experts and industry professionals to provide consulting in sales, leasing, and management of commercial properties.

About SVN Wilson

SVN | Wilson Commercial Group, LLC, is a full service commercial real estate company. We provide commercial real estate services to large corporations, middle market businesses and individual entrepreneurial investors. We offer advisory services for the sales, leasing, and management of commercial properties locally, regionally and nationally. Our Advisors provide creative solutions in order to help you achieve your goal.

The Advisors at SVN | Wilson Commercial Group, LLC have a deep understanding and vast experience with a wide variety of aspects of all investment real estate. Our specialized teams can provide competent guidance to you, your clients or your investors. We have brokered, consulted, managed and provided a wide variety of real estate services in 20 states.  We have been hired by other local, regional and national brokerage firms to assist them in managing their client’s assets and in a number of cases been hired to represent other brokers in the marketing of their personal holdings.


  • Administrative Assistance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Email Newsletter Marketing
  • Marketing Support
  • CRM System Management
  • Organization & Process Maintenance
  • Database Maintenance
  • Generate Listings
  • Create Offering Memorandums & Other Documentation

Business moves fast in the commercial real estate industry, so to keep up with the speed we use COYL to help with day-to-day administrative tasks, generate listings, do research, and construct marketing documents and other client driven reports. This relationship has helped us to expand business opportunities and to provide relevant data to clients in a critically time sensitive manner. With the support of COYL, our team can foster long-term relationships with clients and ensure us and them success into the future.
SVN Wilson