Featured Client

RHG Media Productions

Introducing our client of the month, RHG Media Productions. Rebecca Hall Gruyter founded Your Purpose Driven Practice to highlight experts, influencers, messengers, and events to help them reach more people around the world. Rebecca can be seen at the Women's Empowerment Conference Events, heard on the popular radio show, "Empowering Women, Transforming Lives," and read in her "RHG Magazine," published six times a year.
From our very first conversation, Check Off Your List helped gain clarity on where I could bring in more support right away to take things off my plate… so we could serve more people. As they have stepped in to help our team we have been able to streamline processes and take things to a new level because of the support they have provided us. I have found that COYL truly cares and has become a partner in our mission. We are able to continue to expand, grow, and reach more people because their team has come along side us to support our mission and our team. I am grateful for COYL and their talented and heart-centered team. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get support and grow your business.
Rebecca Hall Gruyter