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RHG Media Productions

Introducing our client of the month, RHG Media Productions. Rebecca Hall Gruyter founded Your Purpose Driven Practice to highlight experts, influencers, messengers, and events to help them reach more people around the world. Rebecca can be seen at the Women's Empowerment Conference Events, heard on the popular radio show, "Empowering Women, Transforming Lives," and read in her "RHG Magazine," published six times a year.

About RHG Media Productions

RHG Media Productions specializes in highlighting experts, influencers, messengers, and events to help them reach more people around the world! With a promotional reach of over 10 million, she is committed to helping you reach more people in a multi-platform/multi medium approach so that you can share your message, vision, and expertise with the world in a positive, heart-centered and transformational way! Rebecca and her team are able to help place you powerfully and strategically to help you get quoted in Major as a Top Expert in your field (ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.)  Help you bring your podcast or show forward in multiple networks, help you get on more stages and platforms, bring you book forward as a Best Seller while positioning you powerfully! Rebecca and her team are committed to helping you be seen, heard and SHINE! We want to help you, as an expert, reach more people around the world as you step into a place of Influence! Remember, what the world needs is more of you!

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the Founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, Creator of the Women’s Empowerment Conference events and TV show (released on three international TV Networks), Creator of the Speaker Talent Searchand #1 International Best-Selling Author (multiple times). She is also the Producer and Creator of “Empowering Women, Transforming Lives” (popular radio show released on multiple channels and networks around the world.)

As the CEO of RHG Media Productions™, is the founder and Owner of the International TV Network called RHG TV Network™ bringing positive and transformational shows to the world. This network is committed is making a positive difference and lasting legacy one show and one heart at a time. We are proud to share is the creator and publisher of the global magazine “RHG Magazine ™” published six times a year as she seeks to help experts reach more people around the world.

As the CEO of RHG Publishing, Rebecca not only leads and publishes several Best-SellingCollaborative Book Projects each year but she also helps you launch your books as Best Sellers so that you can have the impact you are called to have with your powerful book. To date RHG has helped over 800 authors launch as Best-Selling authors! Rebecca and her team offersanthology writing opportunities, magazine writing and advertising opportunities, publishing opportunities, and Best Selling Campaign opportunities. She wants you to be seen, heard and SHINE!

The team at Check Off Your List supports RHG Media Productions with a multitude of tasks including:

  • Prepare marketing emails for book launches and other special events
  • Database maintenance
  • Website updates
  • Social media
  • Project Management
  • Supporting our internal team so we can support our clients powerfully
  • Article submission
  • Client Support
From our very first conversation, Check Off Your List helped gain clarity on where I could bring in more support right away to take things off my plate… so we could serve more people. As they have stepped in to help our team we have been able to streamline processes and take things to a new level because of the support they have provided us. I have found that COYL truly cares and has become a partner in our mission. We are able to continue to expand, grow, and reach more people because their team has come along side us to support our mission and our team. I am grateful for COYL and their talented and heart-centered team. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get support and grow your business.
Rebecca Hall Gruyter