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Services are calculated by a contract designed specifically for your business needs.  If you need to go over the details, no problem!  You will be able to discuss this further with your point of contact. 

We strive for the right match the first time.  During the discovery call we want to know not only the tasks that you need completed so that we can pair you with the team member who has the right skills and technology experience but we also want to know what soft skills and personality are the best match for you.  Our team will become a member of your team, so we want to make sure it is the right fit!   

We strive to work with you in the way that is best for you.  We recommend setting up a weekly call with your point of contact so that you can ensure that you’re on the same page.  Many clients utilize tools like Trello and Asana for organizing projects.  In addition, our team will utilize the mode of communication that is preferred by you (voxer, text, email, phone).   

You can expect a response within 4 hours.  Our team does an email check (at a minimum) first thing in the morning, mid-day, and at the end of the business day.  At that time, your team member will let you know estimated completion date/time.   

 While our team typically does not work on weekends or outside of business hours, there are times we can accommodate weekend hours for a special project, but that would need to be scheduled and agreed upon ahead of time. 

The security of your information is of utmost importance to us.  A few of the measures we have in place include:

  • All of our team members sign an information security agreement as we as undergo a background check prior to hiring
  • At a client’s request, an additional NDA can be signed between Check Off Your List and your company
  • All client-related documents are stored in Microsoft’s secure cloud storage platform and are only accessible via employee accounts protected by 2-factor authentication.
  • Have a specific question? Please feel free to ask. We want to ensure your information is safe.

Some clients find it challenging to outline which tasks to delegate.  While they know they need to offload them to an expert, they don’t know where to start!  As you’re going through your day, note tasks that you need help with, don’t like doing, shouldn’t be spending your time on, or keep getting pushed to the bottom of your to do list.  Speaking with your point of contact about your daily tasks and processes will also help to come up with this list.   

Another helpful tip is to have all relevant logins and passwords ready.  You may want to consider setting up a LastPass account to securely store and share your login information. 

Yes!  We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your business support needs.  If you need to add a service at a later date (i.e. started with bookkeeping and then determine you need marketing support), please contact your sales or account manager to help you!  You can review our full list of services here. 

Part of what is best about working with us is that we have a team of people who are here to support you.   

If, for whatever reason, your person of contact cannot support you, we step in and select another member of our team who we determine is the best match.  In addition, we work with the team members to get the new member trained to ensure as little of a disruption as possible.   

Alissa Berzak is our Customer Relationship Manager.  She oversees the work that is done by the team and has weekly status calls to ensure not only that our team has the resources they need but that our clients are happy with the support they are receiving.  She is a good resource if you ever have an inquiry about your invoice, a question about your support, etc.   

 If you have a question that has not been answered in the FAQ, please reach out to us here! 

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