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Is your to do list complete at the end of the day?  Do you have time for business and your family or a hobby?  Find time for your best clients or a vacation with the use of one of COYL’s Executive Assistants.  Focus on your passion while we handle administrative tasks that take your valuable time and unique abilities away from your expertise.  Together, we can get home in time for dinner.

Best Virtual Executive Assistant Services

Scheduling Management

We optimize the way you spend your time by assisting in your scheduling needs.

Research & Data Entry

Save time by allowing us to research details and do your data entry for you.

Calling & Email Management

We make sure your calls and emails are monitored so you stay on track.

Documentation & File Management

Our team manages your files and documentation to ensure you stay organized.

Executive Assistant Services

Unleash the power of productivity with Check Off Your List Executive Assistant Services! We are a US-based team committed to managing your tasks efficiently and effectively, ensuring that you’re never left in a lurch. Our squad of highly-skilled assistants is always at the ready to tackle your to-do list, no matter how big or small. Plus, we’ve got quality assurance checks tighter than a drum – we ensure every task we handle is not just done, but done right, and in record time. So sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting. With Check Off Your List, consider your tasks managed, your time saved, and your peace of mind restored!

We cater to a diverse range of professionals who are masters in their respective fields.

  • Our specialized services are fine-tuned to meet the unique needs of individuals in commercial real estate, where our expert assistants help manage property portfolios, liaise with tenants, and keep up with market trends.
  • For those in business services, we tackle everything from project management to client communication, ensuring your operations run as smooth as butter.
  • For financial advisors, we’re there to assist with client management, data analysis, and report preparation. In essence, we provide top-notch Executive Assistant Services that make your professional life a breeze, no matter what industry you hail from!

If you’re ready to hire a virtual executive assistant and you only want the best, schedule a consultation with Check Off Your List today.

Sample Package Options

Please contact us for a customized quote to meet your specific needs.


$ 900 Monthly
  • Up to 20 Hours
  • Dedicated U.S. Based Assistant
  • Flexible Plans


$ 1350 Monthly
  • Up to 30 Hours
  • Dedicated U.S. Based Assistant
  • Flexible Plans


$ 1800 Monthly
  • Up to 40 Hours
  • Dedicated U.S. Based Assistant
  • Flexible Plans


$ 2250 Monthly
  • Up to 50 Hours
  • Dedicated U.S. Based Assistant
  • Flexible Plans

“I could not be happier with my virtual executive assistant & your team! Utilizing your brilliant, extremely talented staff has allowed me to start & FINISH more projects then ever! I have soooooo much less on my plate now that is administrative stuff & I am able to quickly & effectively implement better sales practices in my business, without losing a very detailed, very customer centered approach to my clients and their needs. I would STRONGLY recommend (and already do) your team, your services, and your help for anyone out there trying to find a safe & secure way to grow your business without having to be a master at hiring skilled people… and your team take that to the next level with their abilities, which allows me to do what I do best and still take great care of my clients.”

Justus Sharp

NFM Lending
NMLS #436047

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