Our Virtual Assistant’s happy and outgoing personality is evident every time she answers my phone calls and handles Synergy National members and guests. They often stay one step ahead of me. Having a long term relationship with our Virtual Assistant allows her to complete tasks before I ask her to do them. Her ability to stay on top of things provides the comfort and peace of mind that the details for our meetings are in order. I’m delighted to work with such quality people.

Synergy National Partner

I have saved hundreds of hours of productive time by taking the leap with Check Off Your List. My Project Manager at Check Off Your List has proven time and time again that I don’t need to do it all myself!

Virtual Marketing Client Tommy Sobel
TOMMY SOEBEL – Digital Habits Coach

My bookkeeper is patient, responsive, and knowledgeable. She is conscientious and gets things right the first time. She understands small business and is an advisor, not merely a bookkeeper.

Senior Partner – Consulting Firm​

The Fair Grove Area Chamber of Commerce is grateful for the quality work done in a timely manner and always delivered in a highly professional way through Check Off Your List.

We are especially appreciate of the Marketing Team’s collaborative guidance.

Lisa Ritter
Fair Grove Area Chamber of Commerce

Business moves fast in the commercial real estate industry, so to keep up with the speed we use COYL to help with day-to-day administrative tasks, generate listings, do research, and construct marketing documents and other client driven reports. This relationship has helped us to expand business opportunities and to provide relevant data to clients in a critically time sensitive manner. With the support of COYL, our team can foster long-term relationships with clients and ensure us and them success into the future.

Commercial Real Estate
SVN Wilson

I could not be happier with you & your team! Utilizing your brilliant, extremely talented staff has allowed me to start & FINISH more projects then ever! I have soooooo much less on my plate now that is administrative stuff & I am able to quickly & effectively implement better sales practices in my business, without losing a very detailed, very customer centered approach to my clients and their needs. I would STRONGLY recommend (and already do) your team, your services, and your help for anyone out there trying to find a safe & secure way to grow your business without having to be a master at hiring skilled people…..you and your team take that to the next level with their abilities, which allows me to do what I do best and still take great care of my clients.

NFM Lending

Our bookkeeper continues to serve us with expertise and attentiveness. We are grateful for her spirit, knowledge, and patience.

Kathryn Tarantino
Genesis Consulting Group LLC

I was sick of spending hours trying to figure out how to do some tasks in my business. But, I was equally as scared to spend money to have someone else do it for me. As a small business owner just starting out it is hard to know where to spend your money. There is absolutely no way my business would be where it is today without the help of Check Off Your List! I’m so thankful that I made the investment. Hiring them freed up my time to focus on other areas of my business that I was good at and it lowered my stress level because they took care of the things I didn’t know how to do or couldn’t do quickly!

The Junk Parlor

When the business of your organization is too important to be hampered by ‘administrivia,’ Check Off Your List can easily, efficiently, and affordably manage the details of administration details, so that you can focus on achieving your organization’s goals.

Ohio Crime Prevention Association

From our very first conversation, Check Off Your List helped gain clarity on where I could bring in more support right away to take things off my plate… so we could serve more people. As they have stepped in to help our team we have been able to streamline processes and take things to a new level because of the support they have provided us. I have found that COYL truly cares and has become a partner in our mission. We are able to continue to expand, grow, and reach more people because their team has come along side us to support our mission and our team. I am grateful for COYL and their talented and heart-centered team. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get support and grow your business.

RHG Media Productions

I was totally blown away by the look and feel of my website design. The Check Off Your List team nailed it! Not only does it have a current look that is true to my brand, but the team made improvements to my WooCommerce user experience that I would have never thought of on my own!

Brooke Johnson
The Junk Parlor

Melissa and the entire team at Check Off Your List are dedicated to determining and fulfilling the needs of each of their clients. They treat each project individually and with the clients outcomes and desires in mind. Patience and excellent communication skills are at the forefront of how ‘they do business.’ The team of Virtual Assistants deliver outstanding service–and have been doing so–throughout their 10 years in business!

ICF Chicago

Before finding Check Off Your List, I tried all the so called ‘cost-cutting ways’ to hire help. I even paid for courses that would teach me how to ‘do it all’ so that I could save money. Unfortunately, it all ended up costing me MORE money because, just like you, my needs are unique. The Check Off Your List team is absolutely amazing and I love that their skill sets are wide-ranging. They help with everything from writing copy for my target market to managing my FB and IG accounts, to website design, to knowing how to rock social media ads that bring results. I can focus on what I do best and use my time to create jewelry while Check Off Your List takes care of everything else behind the scenes. Best business decision I’ve ever made.

Sue Cope Trahan, Virtual Marketing Assistant Client
Sue Cope Trahan, Owner
Once by Sue

Check Off Your List is dedicated to determining and fulfilling the needs of each of its clients. They treat each project individually and with the client’s outcomes and desires in mind. Patience and excellent communication skills are at the forefront of how ‘they do business.’ The team delivers outstanding service–and has been doing so–throughout their 10 years in business!

The Cake Way, Virtual Marketing Assistant Client
JoAnn Anthony
The Cake Way

Working with with the Check Off Your List website team was wonderful! They were able to take our abstract ideas and make them come to life. The website has been a great tool to promote the brand and build an email list. I am well-pleased with the Check Off Your List website team and their professionalism.

Joel Manby, Author
Love Works

I appreciate the Check Off Your List admin team working us. A lot of times we are asking for a 24-hour turn-around and they deliver!

Charlie Collins
Collins Financial

I’ve been using COYL for about 18 mos and couldn’t be happier! Having the team handle the bookkeeping for my business has freed up my time to focus on actually running the business and finding new products/suppliers. And honestly, when I was handling the books myself, I was stressed and frustrated not knowing if I was doing it correctly (turns out, I wasn’t). Having my numbers in order allows me to plan strategically to make better business decisions and grow my business in a responsible way. I’m so glad I made the decision to outsource this portion of my workload to folks who are experts in it!

Karin Iffrig
Pickles and Punch

Check Off Your List has done an awesome job! As with most small businesses, we “wear lots of hats” and are “going in a thousand different directions.” In the midst of all our busyness, COYL is a much needed source of consistency. Recently, we asked for help with some other projects, and COYL jumped right in and started working on them. Our bookkeeper is incredibly talented, with skills beyond just bookkeeping, and is an instrumental addition to our team and company.

Bill Geraci
MAGIC Health Insurance Solutions