LastPass: The Answer to Your Privacy and Password Woes

Sharing login credentials with someone can leave you feeling incredibly vulnerable, but the new era of password managers and virtual vaults make those fears a thing of the past. From our bookkeepers to our marketing specialists, to our executive assistants, LastPass has emerged as our preferred means of keeping and sharing login credentials, as well as maintaining our clients’ privacy. 

So, why use a password manager? LastPass stores, retrieves, and manages complex passwords, storing them in an encrypted format. 

Our Favorite LastPass Features

  • Data is auto-filled to each appropriate website
  • Seamless sharing to anyone with an existing LastPass account, without ever letting your recipient view the password
  • Accounts to meet your individual needs (free, paid premium for $36/annually, or family paid-premium for $48/annually)
  • Generates guaranteed-secure, 12-character password with the push of a button
  • Extensions are available for all our favorite web browsers, with these extensions, three dots will appear to autofill data

LastPass Benefits

  • Rates your password strength
  • Autofills fields for each individual website
  • Should you change your password, LastPass will recognize and update its information as needed
  • Cloud-based software means you can take it anywhere

How Sharing via LastPass Works

Even for the most tech-illiterate, LastPass’s easy-to-use interface is simple enough. First, you’ll create an account, choosing which option will work best for you and your needs (the free account or the paid premium, or family paid premium). From there, it’s as simple as adding your passwords. 

1. Choose the password you wish to share.

2. Ensure all information for the site is correct

3. Select the entry and choose ‘share’ from the dropdown menu

4. Enter the email of your recipient (your recipient must have an existing LastPass account and will need to provide you with the email their account is registered to.) From there, choose whether you want to allow your recipient to view the password attached to the account (not selecting Allow Recipient to View Password will not hinder their ability to login to your account!) 

From here, your recipient will find your credentials in their sharing center- it’s truly as simple as that! 

In a world where our online presence can be easily compromised, websites like LastPass bring a peace-of-mind that we so desperately need. LastPass makes sharing information a seamless experience for all involved. 

Need help managing your extensive password list? Give Check Off Your List a call today and let us help you manage your password vault!

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