Why Even Entrepreneurs Need to Take a Vacation

Entrepreneurs Need to Take a Vacation

As we longingly look at the sunshine from our office windows (if we’re lucky enough to have a window: sorry, Adam), we should remember that productivity only increases with adequate time spent unplugged from work and away from the office. 

Joe Robinson with Forbes Magazine further explains in his article, The Secret To Increased Productivity: Taking Time Off. Click for the whole article in Forbes Magazine. 

“One study found that mental fatigue takes hold after three hours of continuous time on-task; other scientists say brains need a break after 90 minutes, the length of the ‘basic rest-activity cycle.’” 

The Check Off Your List Team knows a 15-minute walk or a lunch break every 90 minutes is worth the ‘lost time’ as it results in increased productivity while working. You’ll end up working less while accomplishing more!

Break Time

And it’s not just the short breaks during the day that are essential to quality work. The longer breaks—some call these elusive sabbaticals “vacations”— are just as important. According to Robinson, 

“Vacations have been shown to lead to significantly higher performance upon return to the job. The energizing ingredients are time away from stressors (you need two weeks to get the recuperative benefits from burnout).”  

We’ve all felt the effects of burnout, that feeling of little to no motivation or excitement. The good news is that a vacation, something that even the most work-obsessed and industrious love once we get there.  

Higher performance, energy, and improved sociability: All things we at Check Off Your List know are important, especially when meeting clients’ expectation. This is all about creating boundaries between work and life, because we know when we feel good about one we’re likely to feel good about the other.  

If you find it impossible to turn off work mode while on vacation? Contact us to find out how we can monitor your e-mail and phone while you unplug and recharge during a much-needed vacation.

Defeating DIY Disorder – ‘Move the needle not the box’

What is do-it-yourself disorder? And more importantly, should you get checked. Well, no… it’s when an entrepreneur feels that they need to do all the things. We’re not trying to diagnosis the obsessions and compulsions of an entrepreneur here, because that would take all day and we’re certainly not qualified— one could say it’s not our zone of genius, or what we do best. 

What we can say is that the DIY disorder stems, in part, from our being convinced that the only way to do something “right” is to do it ourselves. But this can’t be true, right? There must be qualified others out there who can help us bring our vision to life. We at Check Off Your List know that as an entrepreneur you should be able to put your energies into the “needle-movers,” those things that move your business forward (i.e., make you more money), and that at some point you have to stop doing it all. As the leader, it’s ok for you tell someone else the general direction you want the boxes moved, so to speak, but you’re going to need to let them to do the heavy lifting. Our motto here then is ‘move the needle not the box.’ 

After all, didn’t you start your business to have more “freedom.” What kind of freedom are you giving yourself if you’re doing it all? Once you start sharing the burdens, you’ll see that doing the non-needle movers— moving those boxes that someone else can move— is keeping you from success and expanding— to stay with the metaphor…creating the demand for more boxes…. 

When you delegate those tasks (boxes) to someone who enjoys the job and who specializes in that unique skill, good things happen: The work is done better and faster. Who would say no to that? Wait, there is more. Now with fewer boxes, you have more time for your zone of genius, for those boxes only you can move and that you enjoy. This includes moving the needle— growing, improving, and evolving your business. We’re confident that’s what’s going to make you most successful and happy as an entrepreneur. 

The Check Off Your List Team wonders if you find yourself doing the day-to-day grunt work and checking off your to-do list rather than innovating and creatively working on your business? If so, contact us to learn how we Check Off Your List

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