Are you taking a vacation?

As we longingly look at the sunshine from our office windows, remember that productivity only increases with adequate time spent unplugged from work and away from the office.

Joe Robinson with Forbes Magazine further explains this in his article, The Secret To Increased Productivity: Taking Time Off. Click for the whole article in Forbes Magazine, but here are a few quotes from the article that we find especially helpful as we tackle work over the summer.

“One study found that mental fatigue takes hold after three hours of continuous time on-task; other scientists say brains need a break after 90 minutes, the length of the ‘basic rest-activity cycle.'”

The Check Off Your List Team knows a 15 minute walk or a lunch break every 90 minutes is worth the ‘lost time’ as it results in increased productivity while working. You’ll end up working less while accomplishing more!

Break Time
“Vacations have been shown to lead to significantly higher performance upon return to the job. The energizing ingredients are time away from stressors (you need two weeks to get the recuperative benefits from burnout) and mastery and social experiences while on vacation that build competence and social connection.”

“Leaving the work at work is one of the most important recovery strategies–and the hardest. If you’re still obsessing about work when you’re off the job, no recovery can take place.”

The Check Off Your List Team wants to ask if you find it impossible to leave work for an extended period of time? Contact us to find out more about how we can monitor your e-mail and phone while you unplug and recharge during a much needed vacation.

Defeating DIY Disorder
“He had a classic case of do-it-yourself disorder, an entrepreneurial affliction that burns up precious time and mental space on nonessential, grunt or out-of-skill-set tasks that take you away from the important jobs of innovating and building profitability.”

“‘That’s not being entrepreneurial at all,’ says Waterbury, Conn.-based Don Mroz, president of Post University and founding dean of the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business. ‘It’s what’s going to move the organization ahead, what’s new and innovative that I can be working on, instead of ticking off the to-do list.'”

The Check Off Your List Team wonders if you find yourself doing the day to day grunt work and checking off your to do list rather than innovative and creatively work on your business? If so, contact us to learn how we Check Off Your List!