How to Market on Pinterest in 2022

How to Market on Pinterest in 2022

Are you still on the fence about using Pinterest to market your business’ products or services? With its aesthetically pleasing platform and ability to share pins with other users, business owners have an opportunity to drive traffic to their website, increase sales, and more.

Pinterest favors new pins and shoppers spend 40% more per month on Pinterest than people on other platforms. With the male demographic increasing, you should expect to share about 10—15 pins a day. Let’s discover the power of Pinterest Marketing.

How to sell a product on Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful search engine so it’s important for users to think about engaging content and keywords that your client will use.

About 70% of one of our client’s website traffic comes from marketing on Pinterest. The type of visual content a user post is known as “pins.” A pin can include:

  • Short video clips showcasing an idea or tutorial
  • Engaging captions that grab the viewer’s attention
  • Tasteful branding colors and fonts

Once you have created the right marketing strategy and crafted unique boards and pins, you will be able to reach your audience and inspire them to make a purchase. 75% of weekly Pinterest users say they are always shopping. When brands use shopping ads on this platform, they drive 3x the conversion and sales lift because it is all a part of a better experience.

Using analytics tools to measure the performance of your pins by collecting data on how your audience responds to them, can help refine your strategy over time and increase the effectiveness of your Pinterest marketing efforts.

How will marketing on Pinterest in 2022 expand your reach?

Pinterest users continue to grow as it ranks the 14th largest social network in the world. There are three key steps to mastering the process of marketing on Pinterest:

  • Identify what you are selling
  • Include a Pinterest trend and moment
  • Share the idea in a unique way

At COYL, we curate pins for our clients that are relevant and actionable to market on Pinterest in 2022. This increases the likelihood of your content standing out and grabbing your audience’s attention. Pinterest users love to shop for brands and products that they love and trust.

Users spend 2x more per month on Pinterest than people on other platforms. Women are the largest group of buyers; however, men are gradually increasing their usage of the platform. If you use Shopify, you can connect your store to a Pinterest business account and directly sell your products, making the user’s shopping experience much easier!

Whare are favoriting pins important?

One of the best ways to get the most out of Pinterest is to regularly favorite or repin pins that interest you. It is an important tactic for any marketer looking to grow their presence and influence on this dynamic social platform. At COYL, we favorite more than 10-15 pins per day for clients.

When users favorite pins, it can:

Help to establish your presence on Pinterest and generate more visibility for your profile.

Act as an endorsement, letting other Pinterest users know what types of content you appreciate and enjoy.

Build relationships with others, as it helps you connect with other like-minded individuals and increase engagement.

Should you start marketing on Pinterest in 2022? The answer is yes!

It’s time to find a new outlet to share your business with your target audience in a powerful and unique way. Contact us!

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