Episode 203: Creating Engaging Online Courses with Melissa Guller, Founder of Wit & Wire

Creating Engaging Online Courses with Melissa Guller

Melissa Guller

Melissa Guller is the founder of Wit & Wire, where she helps creators turn their skills and passions into profitable online businesses. Previously, Melissa was the Director of Marketing Engagement at Teachable, and she also managed Ramit Sethi's 8-figure online course launch team.

To date, she’s taught thousands of students through her courses at General Assembly, on Skillshare, and through her own business Wit & Wire, and she’s on a mission to empower creators to earn money online doing work they love.

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Episode Summary

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Connect with Melissa Guller
Website: witandwire.com  
YouTube: witandwire.com/youtube
Podcast: witandwire.com/podcast
   Instagram: instagram.com/witandwire
   TikTok: tiktok.com/@witandwire

Free Download of Melissa’s Online Course Kit: https://witandwire.com/download/online-course-toolkit/

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