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Meet The Team

Our Qualified Professionals




Email: rachel.luther@checkoffyourlist.com

I understand that you didn’t go into business to do the day to day tasks that fill your to do list. You went into business because you are an expert in your field and you are passionate about serving your clients. Because of this compassion and understanding of the small business owner, I started Check Off Your List to afford you the opportunity to spend time on your passion and expertise with the peace of mind that comes from reliable office support that is there when you need it.



Business Development and Sales Manager

Email: melissa.gayhart@checkoffyourlist.com

I grew up in a family that owned a small business and worked for a start-up, so I saw first-hand how challenging it can be to wear so many hats as a business owner.  I strive to take some of those tasks off your plate.  With a background in IT Consulting and a Master’s in Counseling, I bring a unique skillset to the table.  My experience in these two fields enables me to both be an engaged listener and understand the business side of your experience.  I utilize these skills in order to ensure that your projects are a success!



Business Development and Sales Manager

Email: alane.aihara@checkoffyourlist.com

With a background in Marketing and Advertising and over 20 years of experience in solutions-oriented, consultative sales, I witnessed how frustrating it was for many small business owners to devote the time, energy and resources required to propel them forward towards optimal productivity and profitability. Why?  Because more often than not, the minutiae involved in running a successful business is time-consuming, tedious and quite simply, not FUN! I promise to listen and learn about your industry and collaborate with you on ways to lighten your load so that you can spend more time doing what you love, pursuing your passion and having more FUN!



Business Development and Sales Manager

Email: ellen.morgan@checkoffyourlist.com

With a science and software background, I look forward to learning the answers to the question: “What project-based support services can we provide that will move your business to the next level?” I am committed to capturing your profile and needs within our database, so that I am delivering a complete solution for your project, exactly when you need it. In this partnership, when you become more successful, so do we!



Sales Team Support

Email: christy.jackson@checkoffyourlist.com

I have a strong background in many administrative and accounting aspects of small business. I find it rewarding to step in and handle the tasks that are taking focus away from the big picture. I am detail oriented and enjoy the more focused aspects of business. I truly appreciate working with a team to better implement day to day tasks. I will work hard behind the scenes so you and your business can shine.



Bookkeeper Team Lead

Email: brenda.gibson@checkoffyourlist.com

My background in small business and experience in on-line communication combined with a true love for Math makes QuickBooks support one of my highlights. I treat each client with integrity, respect and in a manner conducive to providing efficient services catered for them. I derive a personal satisfaction from maintaining a strong work ethic, performing tasks with high standards and knowing that at the end of the day I was successful at ‘getting the job well-done.’

Alyssa Vellia




Email: alyssa.vellia@checkoffyourlist.com

I am a professional, motivated and energetic individual who is not afraid to jump in and learn something new. I find enjoyment in helping others succeed and love knowing that the work I am doing for clients is making their lives a little easier. My past experience in bookkeeping and various office administrative duties has shown me that I have a passion for this line of work. I am excited to use my strengths and knowledge to help my clients in any way that I can.




Email: angela.maville@checkoffyourlist.com

I am an experienced bookkeeper primarily working with small businesses.  I am detail oriented, confidential, motivated and have a “can-do” attitude.   I am excited to use my knowledge to provide you with the best service.  Focusing on your needs is my top priority.  Let me take on your bookkeeping projects to relieve you of that pressure, so you can focus on other important things.



Paralegal Assistant

Email: jessica.coleman@checkoffyourlist.com

I believe that behind every amazing attorney is an awesome paralegal. My 15 years experience allows me to help the attorneys I work for shine.  I know that many small firms need help with the smaller legal tasks, and I want to be the one to help you.  I strive to make attorney’s lives easier by handling some of the smaller more mundane tasks so that they can focus on the big picture and provide the best representation possible for their clients.  I am detail oriented, focused, motivated paralegal that understands the confidentiality required in the legal field.

Ashley Donnaker



Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Email: maria.sabala@checkoffyourlist.com

I’m a tech-savvy, creative, marketing guru who is passionate about small business.  I want your content to engage your customers and look amazing.  Social media, e-mail marketing, blogging, WordPress sites, and graphic design are just a few of my strengths.  I love to use my talents to help small business owners like you look professional and polished: online, in your customers’ inboxes, and in print.



Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Email: brooke.fraley@checkoffyourlist.com

I am an enthusiastic young professional passionate about people, social media, and storytelling. I want to help you share your story and grow your small business. Social media strategies, public relations, and marketing are just a few of my strengths. I am creative, motivated, and extremely driven. I love being able to help create something for a bigger purpose. Let me help you market your business and tell your story to grow your dream!



Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Email: alissa.berzak@checkoffyourlist.com

I believe that no job is worth doing unless it’s completed and done to the best of my ability. This belief helped me excel for over a decade in my previous employment, first in in retail and then in customer service, management, and marketing in the bridal industry. I’ve worn many hats, and have proved that I am an ambitious problem-solver adept at thinking outside the box. I will go above and beyond to get the job done and I am confident I can help contribute invaluably to any business.



Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Email: Leann.Rich@checkoffyourlist.com

I am an experienced digital communications professional.  I enjoy using the power of creative content along with social media, websites, and email marketing to engage audiences and build strong brand awareness.  After I got a music degree, I went right into computers. I learned the ins and outs of graphic design, website management and social media marketing, mostly on my own, to support several nonprofit organizations. I believe I can help small businesses and nonprofit organizations harness the power of digital communications to broadcast a message to the top row of the arena, create a two-way conversation with customers, and ultimately convert those customers to cheerleaders.



Website Design Assistant

Email: Alissa.DeRouchie@checkoffyourlist.com

With my background in graphic design and marketing, I’ll help you reach your customers through social media, email marketing, and blogging and make sure your brand looks inviting and professional in every medium. As a small business owner, I understand that there’s not enough time in the day, and that’s where I can help. I’m a hard worker, detail-oriented, and willing to take on any challenge so you can feel confident your tasks are in good hands.



Virtual Assistant

Email: Misti.Mazurik@checkoffyourlist.com

I am a firm believer that few things will make you feel better than a job brilliantly done.  I have applied that philosophy to every project I have worked on and look forward to learning how I can apply this to your business.  I have am experienced in sales, marketing, recruiting as well as a certified teacher. I believe this array of experience gives me great insight into many industries.  Above all, I love helping business succeed!



Computer Services

Email: colin.luther@checkoffyourlist.com

I’m a nerd who can talk to people. My educational background in communication and work experience configuring hardware and software systems provides me with the necessary knowledge and communication skills necessary to support and guide people in a non-technical way. I enjoy troubleshooting and problem solving, and when I’m presented with an IT issue, my first question to you will always be, “Have you turned it off and turned it back on again?” That fixes a multitude of IT problems.