Keyboard Shortcuts To Save You Valuable Time

It’s no secret that we live in an age ripe with click-of-a-button access to whatever information we seek. As a result, we spend a significant amount of time in front of the computer for our professions, our hobbies, and our lifestyles.  Regardless of whether we find ourselves at the office compiling detailed spreadsheets, or at home searching for movie tickets, our PCs are our one-stop-shop for social media connections, general information output and data assembly projects. Quantifiably, this means that we spend a significant amount of time staring at the screen to complete our many tasks. Luckily for us, there are little known ways to maximize computer time while cutting down actual time in front of the screen.

Keyboard shortcuts are an effective way to quickly access, move, and/or just navigate around your computer without ever reaching for a mouse! Microsoft describes these shortcuts as “combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device.” When using Keyboard shortcuts, your hands never have to leave the keyboard! All of your computer functions are easily accessible using, not only the “function” keys that line the top of your keyboard, but also the alphabet keys. What a time saver!

While it would be impossible to memorize and use the hundreds of keyboard commands available, there are a specific few that at Check Off Your List we find especially effective and would recommend starting with. Those include the copy/paste feature and the Windows desktop search, just to name a brief few. The copy/paste features allow you to easily copy text from one source and paste it into another source.  Another favorite is the program to desktop feature which allows you to switch back and forth between any programs that you have open on your desktop quickly and efficiently accessing multiple screens and cutting down the amount of time navigating your computer. For more detailed information on these commands and to access a multitude of others, please reference the sidebar in this Newsletter.

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to be more effective at navigating your way around your computer. Most shortcuts can be done using one hand which means that you don’t even have to set down your morning cup of coffee- just keep right on going! These shortcuts are guaranteed to greatly maximize your time in front of the screen and provide a semi- hands free method to complete your tasks quickly without reaching for a pointing device. What a time saver!!!

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Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

General Navigation –
Windows key + D – show the desktop (do it again, and you’ll return to the active screen)
Alt + Tabswitch between open windows
Windows key + F – search for files and folders
Windows key  OR Control + Esc – open Start Menu
Windows key + L/R arrow – re-sizes active window to L or R half of screen
Windows key + up arrow – re-sizes active window to full screen
Windows key + down arrow – re-sizes active window to original minimized screen size
Windows key + + or – zoom in/out

Document Navigation –
Control + F – opens an electronic search (you can also replace text via this window)
Control + End – jump to the end of a document
Control + Home – jump to the beginning of a document
Control + L/R arrow – jump one word to the left or right
Control + up/down arrow – jump one paragraph up or down in a document

Document Editing –
Control + Ccopy the highlighted text in a document
Control + Xcut out highlighted text to place it on the clipboard
Control + Vpaste the text from the clipboard into a document
Control + Zundo the last action
Control + Bformats the highlighted text as bold
Control + Uformats the highlighted text as underlined
Control + Iformats the highlighted text as italic

What keyboard shortcuts do you use?  We love to learn, so contact us with your favorite keyboard shortcuts.